photo by Yuseon Park

A performance with two kinds of circles, centered around the idea of (awkward) silence.

In 2018, Jeff Bezos banned PowerPoint at Amazon and ordered a return to Six-Page Narratives, memos read collectively in silence. I used this as the basis for this performance.

I asked each participant to browse Temporary and Unnamed to collect content for a personalized PDF that each participant would read during the reading-circle portion of the meeting. The reading bit made up the 'introverted circle' of the meeting.

The reading was timed by a kettle. As soon as the water began to boil, we stopped reading and flipped the chairs facing inwards. Everyone was given a coffee bean, which we then chewed together as we transitioned into the circle-time portion of the meeting, that is the 'extroverted circle'.

The circle-time portion of this meeting was co-led by Mindy Seu and Gordon Hall and doubled as the group reflection for the Spring 2022 edition of Mindy's class On Gathering, photo by Yuseon Park

I'm describing this and some other things a bit more in depth in this blog post.