Title Year Type Client Team Institution Place URL
2024 Close Reading Identity Office Impart Office Impart Berlin
2023 Not About Money: Landing Meta Banner Jonas Lund Sea World Culture and Arts Center Shenzhen
2023 My name is Jonas Lund and I approve this Message Banner Jonas Lund Ryan Lee Gallery New York
2023 Sandbox Mode Identity Office Impart Office Impart Berlin
2023 Eigengrau Website https://eigengrau.paulbille.com
2023 Hard Copy Object, Publication New Haven
2023 Studio Visit. How to Make Art in the Age of Algorithms Wallpaper Jonas Lund Francisco Carolinum Linz
2023 Node Identity Office Impart Berlin https://node-officeimpart.com
2023 What a Users’ Group Ought To Be Writing https://networkcultures.org/cloudbaseddesigner/202...
2022 khvs.ch Website, Identity Swiss Art Trading Association Hannah Tjaden, Manus Nijhoff https://khvs.ch
2022 Walking the High Line Interview, Website Prem Krishnamurthy New York https://highline.paulbille.com
2022 Worlds in Figures Poster Evan Roth Berlin State Library Berlin
2022 Silent Meeting: The Pool Performance, PDF New Haven
2022 Silent Meeting: The Atrium Performance, PDF New Haven
2022 Hot Desk Website https://hotdesk.paulbille.com
2022 Temporary and Unnamed Website https://temporaryandunnamed.paulbille.com
2022 The Mode is the Message Postcard Cornelia Sollfrank Documenta Kassel https://documenta-archiv.de/de/aktuell/termine/286...
2022 NfTNeTArT. From Net Art to Art NFT Identity Office Impart, panke.gallery Office Impart, panke.gallery Berlin https://officeimpart.com/nftnetart
2021 Paprika! The Critique Broadsheet Publication Yale School of Architecture Osvald Landmark Yale School of Architecture New Haven https://yalepaprika.com/folds/the-critique-broadsh...
2021 Lichenous Networks Poster, Video Yale School of Art Jisung Park Yale School of Art New Haven https://yaleschoolofart.eventcalendarapp.com/u/200...
2021 A Black Hole Is Every­thing a Star Longs to Be Exhibition Design Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Kara Walker Justus Gelberg Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt Frankfurt https://schirn.de/en/exhibitions/2021/kara_walker
2021 evan-roth.com Website Evan Roth Cezar Mocan https://evan-roth.com
2021 Spark Art Fair Wallpaper Jonas Lund Spark Art Fair Vienna
2021 Proof of Art Wallpaper Jonas Lund Francisco Carolinum Linz https://www.ooekultur.at/detail/proof-of-art
2021 On this Day 3D Figure Jonas Lund König Gallery, Decentraland https://play.decentraland.org/?position=36%2C100&r...
2021 192168285.xyz Website Lukas Engelhardt https://192168285.xyz
2019 yuchenjao.com Website Yu-Chen Jao http://yuchenjao.com
2019 Strike Now!! Publication Aram Bartholl panke.gallery Berlin
2019 Operation Earnest Voice Identity Jonas Lund The Photographers Gallery London
2019 Red is Bad, Green is Good Spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1elqa1xuBqb...
2018 Red Lines Identity Evan Roth Holborn Viaduct London
2018 How Things Should Be Video https://vimeo.com/286195048
2017 Landscape with a Ruin Identity Evan Roth American Center for Art and Culture Paris https://www.evan-roth.com/~/shows/landscape-with-a...
2017 Something I want to Share with You Book
2017 Joan Derk van der Capellen tot den /pol/ Video, Installation Lukas Engelhardt Museum Meermanno The Hague https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPYxoko3lBE
2016 Browsing through Serendipity Book https://vimeo.com/370954679